Housing Forms

Here is a list of housing forms you may need to access during your time at CCU. The forms are listed alphabetically and include a description.

Delayed Check-Out Request

Students should submit this form if they need to stay in their on-campus housing assignment after Thursday, May 11 at noon. RA's, students who are graduating seniors, and students approved for on-campus summer housing do not need to complete this form.

Early Check-In Request

Students should submit this form if they need to move into the residence halls prior to their assigned move-in date. Students who are athletes, participating in summer housing, or are part of student leadership do not need to complete this form, as Residence Life will coordinate with relevant supervisors and coaches.

Guest Registration Form

Students should submit this form before hosting a guest overnight. This information will be accessed if an emergency arises.

Housing Lease Cancellation Request

Students should submit this form after paying a housing deposit, if they need to cancel their housing request. Completing this form allows a student to properly withdraw from CCU housing. This form is not for students who wish to complete a housing waiver (which can be applied for by completing the "Live Off Campus" section of the housing application).

Meal Plan Change Request

This is NOT a form for meal plan waivers. This form is for student who want to change their meal plan to another plan they are eligible for. The last day to request a meal plan change is on the add/drop academic dates.

On-Campus Summer Housing Request

Students should submit this form to request on-campus housing for the summer.

Room Change Request

Students seeking to have a midyear room change, should fill out this form.

Room Condition Report (RCR)

Students should submit this Room Condition Report when moving into a new apartment on campus (semester move in or mid-semester room change). This report is used to track any previous damages to university property so the student is not held responsible for those charges when they move out.

Storage Closet Request

Residence Life has storage closets available for use throughout the summer and academic year. Students should complete this form to request the use of a storage closet for any term.